Personal Injury in Chico

One never hopes to need the services of a Personal Injury Attorney Chico, but I am glad I found a good one. While I was in college, I got in a really bad accident while I was riding my bike to school. The driver of the car had fallen asleep at the wheel and hit me head on blocks away from a hospital. I was lucky I was so close to the hospital because I was able to get treated very quickly.

I was admitted to surgery right away and, luckily, and expert surgeon saved my life. I was lucky that I was so close to the hospital because I was pretty seriously injured and the doctors said that every minute counted in the case of my accident. Of course it was amazing that I was able to get the treatment I needed, but I still had a lot of medical bills to pay for. But I hired a great personal injury attorney chico and I was able to get the money I needed to repay all of my costly medical treatments.

As a result of the hard work of the attorneys at Amaya & Associates, I was able to sue the driver of the vehicles for damages. It was, after all, his fault that I got into the situation to begin with. It was nice to feel like I had someone on my side who would be able to help me get what I deserved and also pay for my pain and suffering.

My Missoula Remodel

When we moved to Montana a few years ago, my husband promised me a home remodel. But after a new kid and a busy lifestyle, it just kind of got away from us. Eventually, we saw an ad for CJ Remodeling and decided it was finally time for our home remodel! We wanted to remodel our guest and master bathrooms as well as the kitchen.

One thing we really appreciated about CJ Remodeling was that they were totally willing to work within our budget and totally willing to get creative to help us maximize our budget. They really know how to organize a remodel– they told us it would be done in less than a month, and they were absolutely right on the money with that. They did a great job with our home remodel Missoula and we will hire them again (eventually) when it’s time for another home update.

But for now, we are enjoying our evenings in our new kitchen entertaining guests and friends with our new countertops and cabinets. Before we hired CJ Remodeling to remodel our house, we hated having guests over because of our old and ugly kitchen. But now, we invite people over all the time. Consequently, we’ve really improved our social lives because we like to have people over all the time!

CPR Certified at Last!

I was asking around for the best place to take CPR classes Sacramento for a long time before I finally stumbled upon Professional Training Institute. But it wasn’t even because of a personal lead. I found out about Professional Training Institute because of a quick Google search on CPR classes Sacramento. It made it really easy to find the top tanking place to take classes and it was pretty easy to do most of what I needed to online.

All I had to do was select which course I wanted to take and I could enroll in one of the many CPR classes Sacramento offered multiple times per week at multiple locations. The classes would only be a few hours long and wouldn’t even need to be a huge dent in my schedule. It helps that my job let me leave to take the class, but I still had other things I had to accomplish!

The class was pretty entertaining, actually. I was expecting to be pretty underwhelmed by the class, and pretty bored, but it was actually pretty entertaining! The instructors are all either current or ex firefighters and EMTs and have some real life field experience. It’s not every day that you get to hear stories from the trenches like that and I really feel prepared to use my new skills if I ever have to.

The Gift of Cosmetic Dentistry

Since I’ve known her, my girlfriend has been really self-conscious about her teeth. While I don’t have a problem with her, I know that she’s always wanted to get cosmetic dentistry done to fix them. I heard about Dr. Josh Bernstein, DDS from a friend who recently had San Francisco Bay Cosmetic Dentistry done. I really liked the work she had doe, so I asked her where she got her teeth done. I was excited to know that this cosmetic dentist was located right in Piedmont!

But before I told my girlfriend the news, I wanted to check up on the dental office facilities just to see if my girlfriend would be comfortable there. I got a full tour from the staff, and even got to meet Dr. Josh Bernstein himself. He was really friendly and very excited that he would have the honor of fixing my girlfriend’s teeth. The whole staff was really polite and awesome!

When I told my girlfriend that I was going to get her new teeth, she almost cried. In fact, I got so emotional about it, that I even cried a little. It was just so special to know that something she’s hated about herself for so long is going to get fixed. Like I said, I don’t care about her teeth, but I do care if my girlfriend isn’t happy. And with fixing her teeth, that was something I could help with. Now both of us are really happy!

Too Late to Heat!

When I turned on my heater last night and expected heat to come out, I was shocked and worried when it didn’t. I called Alley Heating & Air even though I knew that it was probably too late for them to come and save me from a cold night all by myself. But, what do you know? I was excited to know that they were on their way directly after talking to me.

I was pretty surprised that they were going to come over and fix my heating system even at 9 .m. at night. However, I was also extremely grateful because it meant that my family wouldn’t have to be cold for the night. There was a second there that I felt really grateful for where I live and the people who are always around to help me.

Alley Heating & Air were at my home within minutes and fixed my computer just as quickly! I was really excited that I was going to have heating for the rest of the winter and wouldn’t have a lapse in heating at any point during the week. I am really happy that I chose to call Alley Heating & Air and I am so glad they came to my rescue!

Criminal Defense in Chico (Plus DUI)

I’ve been in the legal reporting business for a long time, but there’s one criminal defense attorney Chico, Amaya & Associates that stands out among the rest for their professionalism, experience and expertise: Amaya & Associates in Chico. I know this, not just because I’ve worked with them as a court reporter, but also because I needed to call on them myself for m own legal issues. I was so happy to know I would have someone on my side.

In late July of last year, I went through a terrible breakup and didn’t cope well with it at all. I drank, I did some drugs, I partied because it numbed the pain. Little did I know that my behavior would serve to start new pain as well, in the form of a DUI. I ended up calling Amaya & Associates to be my DUI Lawyer in Chico because I had worked with them in the past and they seemed respectful and good at their job.

I was right in calling them because Amaya & Associates really made a difference. Of course it cost more than a public defender, but at least this way I could guarantee that I was making the best decision that I could. I am so happy that I chose my own representation because they did a great job and now I’m looking forward to moving past all of it.

Precision Auto is the Works!

My friend heard me complaining about having to get my windshield repaired and he told me to call Precision Auto Glass. Recently, I had the joy of finding someone who could repair the large crack that had developed on my windshield. I put it off for a long time because I really didn’t want to to take the time to do it, nor did I want to pay for it. But Precision Auto Glass really had me covered on all of those fronts!

First of all, they are a mobile service, so they offered to come to my home or office. Since I’m at work most of the time, during the day at least, I figured it would be a good idea to have them come to my office. Then, I could just hand them my keys, my insurance card, and they could get it on with. Another great thing is that I didn’t even have to pay for my new windshield. I’m serious! They work directly with my insurance so I didn’t have to pay them anything upfront. It was awesome!

I hope that I never have to worry again about repairing my windshield, but if I do, I will definitely be calling Precision Auto Glass because they are pretty much the best and most convenient business model I’ve ever heard of before. They come to you, you don’t even have to pay, and they do great work. I don’t see why anyone would go to anyone else for their windshield repairs. They are great!

A Better (Window) Update.

Since we’ve moved into our Sacramento home, we’ve been meaning to upgrade and update our windows. We finally bit the bullet and called D & D Windows because it was actually coming down to home efficiency. After five years of money leaking out of our home in the form of energy bills, we were tired of wasting money. We called D & D Windows and asked them how we could make our home more energy efficient.

They were happy to oblige us and tell us how we could update our home and decrease our energy bills at the same time! They told us that any window would probably be better than the ones we had, but also recommended that we consider getting double paned windows that have a coating that would protect our home from absorbing UV rays from the sun. It would also serve as a protectant for our furniture and art.

We were very interested in this not only because we wanted to save money, but also because we always do our best to keep our environment in good shape for our children and their children. We feel responsible for all the things we do on this planet and this is just one more way in which we can help preserve the planet.

Empathy for me.

I’ve seen many therapists, but I’ve finally found the one psychiatrist Sacramento that I will be loyal to. It’s been a long road for me for recovery from drug addiction, but Empathy Therapy is the only therapist that really helped me work through my issues with a combination of medication and traditional therapy.

In addition to having a great therapy philosophy and a knowledgeable staff, Empathy Therapy has a great and modern facility. It really makes me think that they have their stuff together. Because a lot of them are younger (but still experienced), it makes me confident that they are always looking for new and improved therapy practices for me and their other patients.

Empathy Therapy has really made a huge difference in my recovery and I am thrilled that I have finally found the right therapist and psychiatrist for me. Especially with my history, there aren’t many therapists who want to take me on, but it was great that they were happy to add me as a new patient and I have never been happier!

A Different Kind of Therapy

For most therapy clinics, they have a limited staff and a limited availability of treatment options. At Empathy Therapy, this is not the case. At Empathy Therapy, they have a variety of functional forms of treatment that will help you as an individual. The staff at Empathy Therapy is devoted to making sure that you are taken care of and that your treatment is completely individualized.

Dr. Chofla is also dedicated to making sure that you feel comfortable in an environment that is stimulating but also relaxing and calming. He is a board certified psychiatrist and also an executive life coach, physician and psychotherapist. And his hand-picked staff members are also fully qualified to help you onto your path to recovery.

At Empathy Therapy, you can be sure that you will have the best care available in Sacramento, if not the greater California. The staff is educated and experienced, and will make you feel immediately comfortable working with them toward your full recovery. Call them today because they are still accepting new patients!